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  The Imagined Word
I am a calligrapher, lettering artist, painter, illustrator, book maker and teacher. My inspirations come from words and images, which I combine in traditional and contemporary ways. These web pages will lead you through my many ways of working and thinking. You may contact me directly by sending an email or calling me. I am available for workshops, commissions and have both artist's books and paintings available.  
The image above is a lithograph (drawn on stone and then printed) made while I was Artist in Residence at ETSU, Johnson City, TN, in 1995. It sums up my thought process, working to integrate words and images in many ways. In this case, this print is one of four, each of which was divided into panels which became pages in an artist's book. You can see more of it in the Fine Arts - Artist's Book section.

Let me imagine your words,

   Annie Cicale



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